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Glacier Blue Persian 2023 Chihuly Studio Edition
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Glacier Blue Persian 2023 Chihuly Studio Edition

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Dale Chihuly discerned early in his career that to bring forth his visions in glass he would need to rely on the properties of heat, gravity and motion. This elemental approach to the medium results in unrestrained, tangible expressions of movement and vibrancy found not only in his Persians but in many other series that followed. Eloquent, successive ribbons of icy blue and white spiral the panoramic waves of the 2023 Glacier Blue Persian Studio Edition contributing a sense of vibrant and kinetic energy to the sculpture. Juxtaposed with this frosty palette, a radiant citron lip wrap crests the edges of the fan-shaped element further emphasizing its rippling graceful contours. The serpentine form within anchors the entire ethereal composition. Edition of 150. Measures 7.5"H x 10" W x 9.5"D.