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Georges Braque - A Life
Georges Braque - A Life
Georges Braque - A Life
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Georges Braque - A Life

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Together with Picasso and Matisse, Georges Braque is unquestionably one of the three great pillars of twentieth-century art. Here is the first full-length biography of this remarkable figure.

A pioneer of modern art and founder of Cubism, Georges Braque was a creative genius and tireless innovator, constantly pushing back the boundaries of the possible. In this magisterial work, Alex Danchev taps a wide range of new sources to reveal the heart and mind of one who helped usher in the greatest revolution in the ways of seeing since the Renaissance and changed the face of modern art. Chapters include:

  • “Memories in anticipation:” The Confirmed Painter
  • “Mon vieux Wilbourg:” The Encounter with Picasso
  • “If I should Ide Out There:” The Great War
  • The prong of the rade” : Late Braque
  • And much more!